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(Challenge 1 - Page 10) Observe your thoughts & behaviour. Check WITHIN... Does it feel RIGHT?

ASSESS YOUR MOTIVE: Become more aware of the TRUE REASON or MOTIVATION for all your actions. Observe and assess your behaviour, as if from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. From this new perspective, ask yourself what your real motive is?

PEOPLE PLEASING: Being KIND & CARING should NOT just be ‘people pleasing’. Are you helping others just to be liked or become more popular? Do you feel this is a social obligation? People pleasing should be carefully watched for and avoided!

EGO & CONTROL: Being KIND & CARING should NOT be done out of VANITY or SUPERIORITY. Are you nice to others just to be thanked? Is it out of pride or a need to control others? These are unhealthy motivations! Helping or giving anonymously may help reduce this.

TRY THIS: Become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Explore your motivations in a detached and unbiased way. Observe how your act of kindness makes you feel. Was the motivation PURE?


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