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Who is best suited for? is intended for people who are curious and keen to explore new frontiers. They are open to seeking the Truth! Such minds question everything critically but also creatively and playfully. They analyse everything but only criticize in a positive way, not out of fixed belief or cynicism. These minds are not afraid of the unknown, nor are they purely reckless. They don’t blindly follow social convention, nor do they fear departing from social norms. They realize that the average level of understanding is usually far removed from the Truth!

Such minds are not afraid of a challenge and changing themselves for the better. First, they improve the way they perceive and interpret all things! Then they strive to be of service to others in a compassionate and caring way. is designed to encourage such minds. Such people can become Masters of the Creative process. From this base, a more rapid global Awakening and growth in higher Awareness is possible. This leads to higher levels of world Consciousness, Compassion and Creativity. We humbly invite all those with a heartfelt desire for such a positive Transformation to explore the site.


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