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How to do the Incredible!

As humans, not only can we do the incredible, we can do what is seemingly impossible. Let’s explain... With only a little practice we can access our Inner Self. That’s our true innermost Nature.

As a human, that is the focal point of our local Consciousness. From there, we automatically link to the unlimited Consciousness of the eternal Cosmos. With this Infinite resource, no life situation is thus unresolvable, no matter how impossible the task may seem. With the guidance of this Consciousness the strategy chosen may defy all conventional logic and reason but can still work out perfectly in the end! Is that not incredible!

WE ALL as humans, inherently have this enormous potential deep within us. It is our true grand nature. It’s just hidden from view. We just don’t realize our true Capacity. It is however, the greatest part of what we truly are! It’s only our thought-based Ego-mind and its social conditioning that keeps us hostage. A few rogue mental programs keep us trapped and so limited. Is that not incredible! Our ‘world view’ is subconsciously imposed on us by our education, culture and society. This social conditioning blocks most of us from realizing how incredible we truly are. WE have been deluded! We often end up denying the possibility of this. We reject this grand potential in ourselves and in others! We even use derogatory terms for such ideas as being ‘a Fantasy’ and having ‘Delusions of Grandeur’. Some would say that’s incredible ignorance!

Yet, whether we realize it or not, OUR almost unlimited Capacity and Potential is always there, just waiting to be realized. It just needs to be re-tuned, practiced and optimally utilized. We may call the stages of this re-tuning process by fancy names such as Awakening, Increased Awareness, Transformation and Realization. But it’s all just the progressive re-tuning of our Awareness to ever higher levels of Consciousness.

That ‘tuning in’ might seem hard to do, but again that’s only a conditioned social perspective. It could equally be thought of as the simplest and most natural of all things. For it is already there, in place, just waiting! We don’t even have to learn or do anything that’s difficult. We only NEED TO ALLOW this spontaneous and natural process of our Reconnection to Self. Is that not incredible too? But there are more amazing bonus features…

The higher Consciousness re-connection process is itself fully automatic, self-regulating and self-perpetuating. It’s like using the station auto-tuning function on our new television sets. WE simply NEED TO START THIS PROCESS AND THEN GET OUT OF THE WAY. To not interfere while it is automatically in working progress!

Similarly, we as humans only need to stop doubting or blocking our natural and spontaneous inner re-connection tuning process. That’s really the ONLY thing we really MUST DO or somehow learn to do. Just to initiate it and then get out of the way. Not to ‘double guess’ and keep stopping the process while it is underway! However, we as fearful humans tend to doubt and want to interfere or control everything! That’s the real issue! That’s our real problem! Is that not incredible arrogance!

This Reconnection process to our true Nature is so simple. It doesn’t even require us to physically do anything. Not even lift a finger! It’s thought controlled! It’s activated and modulated, from our human perspective, purely by expressing our wishes as thoughts! But we do therefore have to be careful what we think about!

What we think, modulates the higher Consciousness re-tuning Process. This can slow this entire process down as appropriate or even require implementing a new strategy. If, for example, we’re not quite ready for the next step or ‘station’ upwards in Consciousness, this would be quite apparent from our current thoughts or beliefs. This re-connection is even a compassionate process! It doesn’t proceed at a faster rate than what we are ready for. We only get what we can handle! Isn’t that inbuilt safety feature incredible! Thank goodness for that.

The Initiation or Starting-up of our higher Consciousness re-tune can take one second in time or even less. It’s that fast because its purely thought activated! It’s the equivalent of us manually pressing the station auto-tune button on our new TV set. That usually takes a second or two to mechanically push the button.

This ‘Start Tuning’ process for our higher Consciousness connection is usually so effortless, natural and spontaneous that some might say it hardly deserves a mention. They are right! You could just stop reading here and go straight to the last paragraph. But some academics, intellectuals or purists will want to know more! So, for those persons and others interested in recapping the details, here goes...

The Process of COMMENCING this RE-CONNECTION to our true inner Self starts simply by DECIDING or CHOOSING to START. Just like we would choose or decide to tune out new television set to the local TV stations. This human equivalent just occurs more naturally, effortlessly and directly via our thoughts. We just decide to do it and it is done! These thoughts are however double checked and verified for accuracy by checking our true Intent. Remember, unlike initiating the television-set tuning, there is nothing we physically need to do. It’s just AN URGE of WANTING TO START or the YEARNING TO RECONNECT TO OUR TRUE SELF that’s important.

Because this process is purely thought activated and controlled it must have that instant ‘double check’ mechanism built in for safety’ The reason for this will now be explained…

The potential consequences of accessing such an incredibly powerful Facility are considerable. There is a real potential for misuse! We must therefore give our informed consent by confirming OUR FREE WILL in the process. We verify this agreement by conveying OUR TRUE INTENT. This must be a true Heart-felt intent, not just a contrived or intellectual strategy of the Ego-mind. This system is intended to be utilized through Heart based Intuition, so our Heart-nature must be open.

In terms of human language, we individually and personally DECIDE TO COMMIT TO REUNITING with our Higher or True Self. We REQUEST a merging with our true Inner-nature. In Spiritual terms this is a HEART-FELT URGE driven by an INNER NEED for WHOLENESS and COMPLETENESS.

In summary, we ALLOW and URGE this re-connection with our True Nature to manifest through us. This often occurs after an extended period of denial or repression. That how we really do the Incredible! It might sound impossible, but it really is so incredibly simple. Provided, as mentioned, we don’t interfere too much in this Natural and Spontaneous process! How and why would we ever interfere in this process? This important discussion continues on the web site and blog. It’s also discussed in the ‘SOS e-book’.


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