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A paradigm shift in human Consciousness

We’re entering a new Golden Age, a New Era. A ‘Paradigm Shift’ in awareness & consciousness is now underway.

Significant shifts in society have always been difficult to assess while they’re in progress.

They herald a new culture: a different way of thinking & behaving. In retrospect, the old ways seem antiquated & unjust. But we don’t see all that, while it’s unfolding!

In retrospect ‘the old ways’ even seem ridiculous! We wonder how anyone could have functioned in such a primitive way. It all becomes so obvious and so simple! We feel ‘that old society’ must have been misguided & ignorant. The structural shift in social behaviour is then complete, and we embrace the new norm.

We then fully engage with the new social norm! We explore & exploit its full potential. We become so engrossed that again ‘we become blind’ to the next social shift; one that’s already building.

This has been the pattern of our societal evolution to date. But this incremental style of social development is itself undergoing its own upgrade! A much larger ‘Paradigm Shift’ is now underway. This is a higher order change! It’s a whole new dimension in functioning!

This New Shift is NOT about WHAT we think… Instead, it’s about HOW we think!

It’s a major shift in the level of our Human Consciousness.

It’s RAISING our LEVEL of AWARENESS... of everything!

It’s a Paradigm Shift in Awareness! And it's on its way now!

What’s the implication of this New Paradigm for human society?

What if we were to embrace a whole new way? A way of really ‘seeing each other’ as we truly are! A way of respecting the sacredness of each life and our interaction with it. Is there also sacred way of interacting with the physical world itself? Can we extend this to the non-physical realm?

This New Realm goes beyond a change in thinking… It’s a way of perceiving, relating and being!

Imagine a New Paradigm of directly ‘perceiving’ our surroundings & ourselves: One that bypasses our physical senses and even our thinking mind! What if we could transcend our current paradigm, this ‘limited reality’, and surpass it? That would indeed be a quantum leap: To interface directly with everything and ‘all that is’.

But how could we do this? How would we understand & communicate on this ‘direct level’? How could we express ourselves and act from this level? It might all seem too far-fetched, too romantic, or too theoretical and impractical. Surely all this must be impossible?

The same scepticism was applied to every significant social shift we have ever undergone; be it the abolishing of slavery or apartheid. Similar opposition has occurred to major shifts in science; such as understanding the sub-atomic structure of matter & quantum theory.

We can break free of old belief systems - our ‘old reality’!

Can we make this dimensional shift to a whole New Reality? Can we free ourselves from the illusory world of our conditioned beliefs: That’s the false reality we currently believe in! This strong belief system keeps us trapped in the old! However, this old-world view is soon to be exploded.

This will be the quantum leap! It’s like us now understanding subatomic structure at the quantum level! Similarly, there’s more to discover about ‘human reality’ itself. We will finally realize that a whole new dimension exists or even many!

We will understand the ‘quantum theory’ of human reality!

We will then understand how various realities work. We will find ‘a true & permanent reality’. We will choose to connect to that Permanent Reality! Only then can we interact as ‘fully conscious’ human beings. That is the New Paradigm.

The advance that mankind most needs is not more mastery of the physical world; but of our perceived reality.

This requires self-mastery and an inner process of self-discovery! It’s aided by others around us that likewise are involved.

In this exploration of Consciousness itself, our greatest discoveries & rewards will be found.

Perhaps the greatest benefit will be the Joy, Inner-Peace & Fulfilment that an inner journey can bring.

This joint exploration will become the ‘common Spirit’ or Zeitgeist of our time!

Yet, our further understanding of physical & spiritual worlds will not diverge; it will instead become one! The ‘ultimate form’ of this ONENESS is currently unimaginable to us. It’s certainly beyond conception by a mind limited by thought & belief. But that’s where we’re heading now!

Our New Paradigm will be both a scientific and spiritual one. It’s a Realm of direct perception and intuitive knowing. The ‘language’ of this New Era will be compassion. Its practice will be kindness and causing no harm.

We will realize we’re all intimately interconnected & interdependent!

How then could we then harm anyone or anything! We will become true custodians of our Society, our Planet and our Future: Welcome to the start of this New Paradigm!

To better understand the forces opposing this Paradigm Shift consider reading the Blog post titled ‘Corporate CONSCIOUSNESS OR Corporate CONTROL? Part 1: Negotiating the New Paradigm – for organizations & individuals.’ This Blog is available on the website in the Main Blog section.


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