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What are the Rules of this Game of life?

When we really understand something well, we can usually handle and explain it more simply. We can also convey more subtle Meaning & Joy in the process. Our response to every life situation could equally be made SO simple if we actually understood the rules of the game of life!

Here is a check list of the points we will cover:

Can you answer these questions NOW? - What is basic to understanding ‘life as a Human’? - What is ‘the pre-condition’ for ‘coming to Earth’? - What’s wrong in just learning by copying others? - Is our higher Discernment really up to scratch? - How do most people ‘go wrong’ in living a life? - What’s the ‘Ultimate Guide’ to living human life? - Having this Guidance…What then is our Purpose? - How do we then express our Role to all others? - How does life become Joyful, Fulfilling and Fun?

What are the Rules… of this Game of life?

If we really understand something… we can usually explain it more simply.

We can also convey more subtle Meaning & Joy in the process.

Similarly OUR response to every situation we encounter can also be SO simple!

That’s especially so IF we understand the ‘Rules of The Game’…

In life, there’s one basic or ‘simple’ thing we should really understand. Yet it’s almost never correctly taught: The underlying ‘Rules of the Game’. The Game is called ‘Life as a Human’!

We enter ‘this life’ without a lasting memory or ‘guide book’ of how it ALL works. That’s ‘a pre-condition’ to us coming here! WE have to learn ‘on the job’ without an Instruction Manual! So we learn from each other… from our parents, teachers, friends, gurus & authority figures. We just don’t know any better! Everyone else seems to be doing that too! The problem is that they too have never read the real Instruction GUIDE.

So a lot of ‘garbage’ has been passed on unwittingly…under the guise of ‘prior knowledge’ or ‘presumed understanding’!

Actually some written versions of that ‘life Instruction Manual’ do really exist. But even then it’s ‘our test’ or higher challenge to find the right one! It’s called practising higher Discernment! Most such versions have long ago been corrupted to distort the real meaning. If it’s in general circulation, you can be sure that it’s a version modified to benefit those who promote it. It then becomes more a way of exerting control over others, than empowering the Sovereign self.

So people spend MOST of their lives living by the WRONG RULES. Some are so convinced that only their Book, Guru or Philosophy is right & deny any other way. They miss the point! Finding the RIGHT ‘life-instruction-manual’ is NOT what’s most important. It’s not even the correct interpretation of it, or ‘living’ by some particular meaning. No set of written or spoken guidelines can cover every circumstance or possibility! Only a direct connection to our higher selves can ever achieve that optimally.

Living by ANY fixed set of rules denies us the Sovereign right to individuality & freedom of choice. Each particular circumstance in life is so unique! So even if WE have found that ‘Ultimate Guide Book’… the ‘So Simple’ challenge to all concerned, would be to put it aside! Instead, we should, in modern terminology, consider ‘an upgrade or update’ to an ‘online & real-time version’. Choose a direct & instantaneous connection to ‘the author’. Link to ‘the original source’ or ‘Source’ itself!

To recap: the ‘Ultimate Guide’ to a joyous & fulfilling life cannot be ‘written’ in mere words. It’s not even though based. It’s not a Dogma, particular Teachings or a style of Philosophy or Devotion. It’s not even some form of esoteric conceptual wisdom.

Instead it’s AN INNER KNOWING that can work rapidly in any circumstance. It’s A DIRECT CONNECTION to a higher Source – A higher Self!

THIS INNER GUIDE or KNOWING also ALLOWS the EXPRESSION of our Autonomy & Free-will. It allows a totally UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE to be expressed each particular time. A most precious ‘commodity’! It’s highlighting a special view-point that only we have… because of our individual nature & particular past ‘life experiences’. This unique experience is irreplaceable, even in the greater scheme of things. That’s how precious we really all are!

But WHAT are we meant to DO with this Grand Connection to higher Self?

What’s our real Purpose here? Could we really find the exact answer we need for our unique & changing situation in some Book or belief-System? Our inner Knowing however always provides the perfect answer! We just allow this Inner Knowing or deep insight to flow through us. The technicalities of this process have been discussed in previous articles. In summary, it’s a natural & spontaneous process that requires no special ability or talent. Only some ‘letting go of old ways’ of doing things is required. It’s what we did naturally and best as children! That’s how easy or ‘difficult’ it all really is! What is it that we’re MEANT to EXPRESS to others, in our everyday life? The answer is again so simple. It’s… ‘The TRUTH’. We are to just speak ‘the truth’ as we really see it. We express the Essence of who we really are, through HOW we see & do things. It’s conveying ‘Our truth’ as seen through ‘the eyes’ of our unique awareness. It’s OUR honest perspective on life… from a truly open Heart. This opening of our Heart comes after we ‘Realize’ or ‘Awaken to’ this Opportunity. It’s a natural & spontaneous Process of Inviting & Allowing that ‘Awakening’.

Finally our life becomes a joyous CONTRIBUTION or ‘Service’ to Community at many levels & to the Universal Whole. We help others from the unique Awareness, Ability & Abundance that we inherently possess. We give of the Experience & Compassion we acquired over this lifetime or many. We utilize the Wisdom of our higher collectives as well. But we always express our unique individuality through Consciousness and Free-will.

In conclusion, all we really have to do is to ‘See it’… To just ‘Awaken ourselves’ enough to Invite & Welcome this Opportunity. To claim our birth right! To just realize the Grandeur of what we truly are. We then simply Allow all this to all proceed…THROUGH expressing our spontaneous Appreciation, Gratitude & natural Humility. Our true Purpose & Responsibility then flows effortlessly & spontaneously (as a Loving Intent) from there.

It’s like remembering to ride a bicycle again… No manual or new instruction is really required! It might just take a while to fully get the hang of it. But it will be Joyful & Exciting! And we can finally get somewhere interesting! Wouldn’t that be a more fulfilling & fun way of living? It really is so simple! We would love to tell you more…


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