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Corporate CONSCIOUSNESS OR Corporate CONTROL? Part 1: Negotiating the New Paradigm - for organizatio

Corporate control is the nature of today’s society! As a Humanity we are subtly managed by corporate entities & global organizations. The big change is that more and more people are waking up to this! They are resisting this control and informing others! They’re making alternative & sovereign choices!

A Paradigm Shift in awareness is about to occur! This New Paradigm will change everything! It will be so profound because the change occurs in every individual. There’s an increased freedom to think independently. Individuals will be empowered to make sovereign & holistic choices. However, considerable disruption will occur! Corporations will have to transform themselves just to survive.

It’s a deeply embedded system of control! Usually were unaware of how pervasive our global control system is! We’re led to believe it’s all necessary and even beneficial. That’s also a part of the subtle control structure! It results from the profound social conditioning we’ve had. We’ve accepted the necessity for authority figures, a social hierarchy and a punitive control system!

As a result, it’s been hard to even think of a viable alternative! In the New Paradigm this ‘herd mentality’ will rapidly disperse. Everyone will become more sovereign & autonomous. They will no longer be easily persuaded & led.

Corporate Consciousness is now seen as an alternative! Imagine what this might be like? How this might function at a ‘corporate level’. It’s hard to visualize this from an old mindset. Take your time and let your imagination & insight lead. We hope this article helps!

Eventually Corporate Consciousness will be the only viable option for large organizations. That's if they want to continue in some workable form. It’s all part of the New Paradigm we're now entering! The intermediate stage in this transformative process is ‘chaos’. It’s a significant disruption of old ideas & old ways of doing things. It presents as a widespread resistance & social discontent. There’s a breakdown of established control patterns.

Is achieving ‘order out of chaos’ possible? To avoid a systemic corporate collapse, a few powerful groups will try to instill an even more draconian global control system: A ‘brave new globalist world’! This will be justified on the ‘social breakdown’ & ‘the chaos’ that’s emerging. They will highlight the worst aspects of this in the media to make their case!

This ‘control option’ will be presented as Humanity’s only choice: the only chance of economic survival! However, in the New Era, many more people will intuitively resist. It’s much like people & countries now increasingly being opposed to wars. More people will demand the alternative!

How do we manage the risk involved? This article introduces the New Paradigm process. It encourages the reader to intuitively find their own way. To use their inner knowing & imagination! That might seem like a letdown! It’s not the answer we’re familiar with at a corporate level! But that’s how the New Paradigm will work! So, the sooner we attempt this, the better!

Try to visualize how this new approach might work in your organization?

Let’s start with a few hints: The New Paradigm involves an intuitive & reflective approach… to everything! That includes all problem solving & decision making.

Most importantly, this insight-based approach is utilized by every individual. And at each level & part of the organization. Each part interacts seamlessly with the whole.

It’s a multifocal form of collective functioning. It utilizes constant input from every sub-group. This requires a continuous communication & feedback in real time between all ‘levels’ & ‘parts’ of the organization.

Roles or ‘positions’ in the structure are not fixed but based on fluid dynamics. They constantly vary according to the project requirements and immediate needs of each subgroup.

The Corporate agenda is no longer driven by a ‘top down’ directive but becomes a blended response to all relevant inputs. This input includes other interdependent organizations. There is a holistic and ‘whole of planet’ agenda. This includes ecological balance & societal wellbeing.

Another core aspect of this New Agenda is a heightened expression of ‘meaning & purpose’. This powers every individual, each sub-group and the collective endeavor. That’s what will motivate and ‘drive’ future corporations!

Through better understanding what’s coming, we can better negotiate our way through all the inevitable disruption.

This discussion continues with more detail in Part 2 of this article titled: ‘Corporate CONSCIOUSNESS OR Corporate CONTROL?’ The subtitle of this next blog is ‘Part 2: How the Paradigm Shift is manifesting.’

Part 2 is available in the ‘main blog’ section on the website.


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