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ALL ABOUT NOTHING: Part 6. All about CHOICE: It’s our Virtual Reality!

In the previous Blog post (Part 5 of this ‘All About Nothing’ series), we laid out the case for a ‘Universal Mind’.

We explained this Universal Mind would be akin to a ‘computer neural network’ that computer scientists are familiar with.

These systems have enormous computing power, predictive capacity & artificial intelligence. You might want to read more about this in the previous blog of this series on the website.

A quantum computer neural network would be able to generate a complex Virtual Reality.

It could probably generate many versions of a timeline. Imagine such a neural network the size of the entire Universe! Imagine its computing power and virtual Intelligence.

Some researchers believe we’re already living in a Virtual Reality.

Such a powerful system would be able to simulate past, present & future realities synchronously. These virtual simulations could bypass the speed restrictions & physical limits of mere matter. This simulation could modify or even bypass the concept of time.

Not only individual beings, but whole societies & even all mankind might exist in such a virtual simulation.

This Reality would exist within a powerful information processing system. This system would be like a giant quantum computer or more likely a large neural network of these. In our case as humans, this system would provide a virtual 3rd dimensional holographic experience of duality.

Very sophisticated ‘computer software’ would certainly be required to generate a virtual existence which simulates our material reality. But we as humans have already achieved this, in a primitive form, with our current 3D Virtual Reality games! And these games are rapidly improving in sophistication. Plus, we now have holographic projection technology, which at the cutting edge, can partially simulate a solid object.

Imagine if the computer system available was the size of the whole Universe!

This ‘Grand Postulate’ also ties in with what our scientists have discovered from Quantum Physics: They believe our personal experience of this 3rd dimensional physical world ‘materializes’ from a vast realm of potential quantum-field possibilities. This is much like generating a virtual realm in a computer. Quantum physicists’ have concluded we direct & influence the quality of our human experience. We do this with our thoughts & intention! This is much like playing an online computer game.

We appear to have a direct real-time connection to our Reality. All this seems to support the Grand Hypothesis that we’re an intrinsic part of a sophisticated neural network! Not only is it likely we exist in computer generated Virtual Reality, but that we’re also an integral part of the neural network! In this network our individual experience & processing is then utilized by the Collective.

What’s the personal implication of this Grand Hypothesis?

What impact might this have on our behaviour? What should we then do?

We could choose to live this virtual reality simply as passive observers. We would just ‘react’ to the changing environment & challenges presented. This would be analogous to playing lower levels of our current computer games.

Alternatively, we could attempt to play Virtual Scenarios of increasing difficulty or those with very different challenges!

We could also choose to actively modify the ‘Game Experience’ in real time. This would create unique or ‘tailor made’ scenarios triggered by our changing thoughts & intentions!

We are linked to and potentially have access to the vast resources of the entire network!

We also have the option of more actively & deeply engaging with the ‘computer data base’ itself. This would potentially offer us almost infinite knowledge, wisdom & insight to utilize. We might choose to further explore this!

The direction & extent of our engagement with this Virtual Reality is directed by our choices!

We appear to have ‘the free will’ to choose how we participate. We have sovereign power over our thoughts, provided we become aware of this! And provided we don’t then give away this privilege, as so many do! Having been granted such powerful autonomy signifies were probably playing a high level of ‘The Game’.

Is this the ULTIMATE Virtual Reality Game?

The level of game sophistication that we’re currently playing at, seems remarkable. There’s no apparent separation between player and virtual simulation: It’s seamless!

Presumably we start by entering ‘The Game’ at a level that we can potentially cope with. That would make it sufficiently challenging & exciting. It’s obviously designed to be quite demanding, but we could then learn a lot quickly.

Is this the Ultimate Test?

Before starting ‘The Game’, our ‘family or friends’ might worry we could get too engrossed, distressed or traumatized by ‘the ride’. But then again that might not be the prime consideration! After all it's just a Virtual Reality.

Currently, very few ‘human players’ probably appreciate all that we have discussed in this article and its implications: That ‘our life’ and our perceived reality is most likely a virtual simulation. That’s it’s all ‘just a Game’. An engaging educational experience…an interactive learning strategy!

This Game is also ‘a powerful illusion’ that presumably we have all personally agreed to! So that brings up the issue of informed consent! Did we have to train beforehand or qualify somehow. Did we volunteer or is this akin to an Olympic athletic event? At times it does seem that demanding! Did we have to sign some contact or disclaimer beforehand?

This Game is also a grand performance or stage show! As the old saying goes, ‘life is a stage’. This now seems so true! However, in this production, we can play multiple roles.

Not only are we the actor & director of the show, we are part of the audience too!

We can even change & direct the script or storyline ‘as we go’, in real time!

What a way to learn, experience & play! It can even be fun & joyful if we get it right! Maybe ‘getting it right’ in the long-term is the aim of the game?

In this Reality we can practice growing in wisdom, compassion & unconditional love. Or we could choose to experience just the opposite! We can do all that in this Virtual Reality Game without anyone really getting hurt!

As we progress in our ‘gaming ability’ and acquire wisdom, we could graduate to higher levels of game difficulty. Or we could choose to play a different version of the game, perhaps to master a weakness or try a totally different experience. This would help us become more balanced in our understanding and acquire more wisdom.

We can get to feel what it’s really like to ‘live in someone else’s shoes’!

The computing power & graphics of ‘This System’ are so sophisticated, that most players will swear that it’s real.

Maybe once we reach ‘game master’ level we get to coach others in their quest. Maybe some top players help design brand new virtual game worlds for others to experience.

In this ‘Grand Game’ we can practice utilizing our own unique talent, creativity & genius.

Perhaps the only limits of this Game are our intelligence, imagination and our courage!

This Grand Hypothesis might however bring up some troubling issues. Why for example, is there apparently so much suffering in this game? If our current life is indeed a virtual reality game that we’ve chosen, why do so many suffer? Why don’t we just opt for a more heavenly experience instead?

Maybe the answer is that we learn much faster through challenge & misadventure rather than in calm & tranquillity.

Maybe not experiencing enough variety or stimulation and hence not evolving is a much greater form of suffering.

The implication of this ‘Grand Hypothesis’ is profound and certainly deserves your further contemplation.

How will you then choose to live?


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