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STARTING at the End - Welcome to the new Paradigm

Sometimes it's better not STARTING at the beginning, but starting AT THE VERY END! ascending to a new paradigm of Consciousness. By carefully visualizing WHERE we want to be... It can ALL become SO simple.

Your Ascension ‘Flight Check-List’ - Are you ‘sick’ of Suffering as a way of Evolving? - Can you visualize what ‘coming Home’ might feel like? - Can you hold your living dream in the right vibration? - Do you know which Transit method or Portal is right? - Can you now ‘sit back & relax’ to enjoy it more? - Can you stop thinking & instead KNOW & just… ‘BE’?

‘Starting at the End – Welcome to the New Paradigm’

Life as we have lived it has been quite an Experience… both individually & as a collective! We’ve experienced many precious insights, grand emotions & much ‘raw’ sensation. Only a harsh 3D paradigm could have provided all that!

But now, so many of us are weary and homesick. We’ve have had our fill of seemingly endless frustration & suffering. For so long we’ve explored the physical extremes of Polarity & Duality. We inwardly know of and yearn for a much kinder realm: A gentler and more inclusive way of being. Perhaps one from which we once came.

The Call to ‘return Home’ to more Ease, Grace and Harmony, is now increasingly being felt! Yet our human FEAR of ‘All Things Unknown’ can hold us back.

Our ATTACHMENT to our Human-ness, our Relationships & our Possessions can SEEM so hard to break.

So that’s where we stand right now… Right on the ‘Precipice of Change’!

Not wanting to go back to the ‘old human ways’ & the chaos that created. Yet perhaps we are not quite sure! We’re not quite ready to Jump bravely, to Shift your whole Paradigm. For that does require the Will & the Power of our entire Being!

Yes, this is the grand Event, the challenge we all face. BUT how far are we prepared to Shift or ‘Jump’, into that Unknown? Some will surely falter & decide to stay in the familiar ‘comfort’ of chaos. They JUST don’t Hear or trust their inner Knowing! Most will hopefully take at least ‘one step’ forward. Some a much ‘bigger stride’ and a few will make a ‘giant leap’. They are all moving or more correctly Shifting… into A NEW PARADIGM.

A new Paradigm of CONSCIOUSNESS! One that provides a more Panoramic or Multidimensional Awareness… of the True Reality that exists all around us.

This change is occurring deep within our being. But soon our external environment and even our physical form will start to change! To more closely match our inner level of vibration.

NOW we’re almost there: almost ‘Home’. Where ever that might be? It will however be just right… A perfect vibrational match!


If in doubt, REMEMBER the ‘SO SIMPLE’ advice to… ‘START at THE very END”:

Just imagine just how GOOD it ALL feels… to finally be Home. Picture yourself amongst ALL those you love & with those who love you most dearly. Visualize how you are welcomed, with such open arms & warm loving Hearts. Feel the surging Emotion of all this, with all your Human capacity. Visualize and ‘taste’ the subsequent Celebration & Ceremony. Do this as clearly & vividly as you can.

You have returned Home a hero, victorious in your role: A risky assignment to one the darkest of 3D realms. Only the bravest & most capable spiritual ‘warriors’ could volunteer. Only the best of those were chosen. You agreed to go far away for however long it took, to accomplish a Divine request:

-To answer Gaia’s desperate call, on behalf of herself & ‘her children’.

-To anchor Love & Light into a harsh 3D reality, a new frontier.

-To transform 3D Earth & transmute it into the Light. Hold this Heart-felt intent so dearly & yet so gently. It’s your ticket Home!

NOW you only need to board ‘the right flight’… BUT which Vehicle or ascension Portal is best? Your inner-Guidance & Knowing will tell you which Transit is right.

So please now ‘take a break’…. You really have earned it!

‘Sit back & relax for a while’ as they say. Be kind & forgiving to yourself. Adjust your life to accommodate that final emotional ‘clearing’ or physical ‘ascension symptoms’. Really look after yourself…

Be in Nature. Balance & Ground yourself. Sleep & Rest more as you need it. Meditate & day-Dream. Just be still. Contemplate & Clear the final negative energies & emotions that might emerge. Maintain simple things like an appropriate diet & hydration with pure water. You already Know how best to do all this…from Deep within.

Now, ALL is in final readiness…

Hold the most Loving Intent for its Completion. Hold that feeling gently in your ‘Heart’ and Mind. Cradle it as you would a most delicate flower, a beautiful dream. Don’t let the apparent ‘complexity’ of the outer word or even these words ‘distract’ you in any way… That’s mere technicality. Feel instead the Loving energy of the Event & even of these words. Your higher-Self will guide you to do the rest.


Just GO WITH what feels Right and Best. Just KNOW this from your inner-most Being, your deep-Heart. Allow that higher Consciousness & greater Awareness INCREASE & EXPAND into all you do. Simply follow your own inner knowing, your heart-felt guidance & deepest intuition.

Do whatever brings you the deepest sense of inner peace, contentment and fulfilment.

Just ‘BE’ YOURSELF, in that wonderful ‘space’ that feels so right.

KNOWING-ness will now NURTURE & GUIDE YOU, all the way HOME.

Be Still now. Don’t try to think at all.


KNOW that ALL is WELL.

ALLOW a loving connection to ALL THAT IS.

JUST BE your true-Self.

Be… that greater Self.

Just BE



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