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UltimateTest.org is a personal development site ABOUT raising your Awareness & developing a higher Consciousness. We are non-religious & fully independent.

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You can start your Inner Journey by choosing one of our THEMES.


Learn to slow your mind as you relax and enjoy the beautiful images and text. Start by quietly contemplating these THEMES.


These PRESENTATIONS are a lecture style of personal discovery that you might enjoy. These include creative stories or talks on a wide range of topics.

PRESENTATIONS generally require more time but can be easily broken up into smaller bites. Y
ou can always come back to the point where you left off. Give it a try!


The ANIMATED VIDEOS are a fun & easy way to raise your Consciousness. Sit back and be inspired by the powerful words, beautiful cartoons & uplifting music.


Let the energy, colour & movement help you to absorb each powerful message. Try both the male & female narration!


Watch these EXPERTS share their experience with personal development and raising Consciousness.

Choose from 600 VIDEOS contributed by 170 experts. These cover a wide range of lifestyle topics that might be important to you.


The CONTEMPLATIONS section is our quiet corner for reflection. Try using these images to practise your relaxation, contemplation or meditation skills.  

You are encouraged to pause here at any quiet time you have. Use the images to relax, focus and quieten your mind. See what inspiration and insights come through.


These TESTS are challenges and assessments of your personal development. They will help you to personally judge your level of Consciousness, plus your strengths and weaknesses.


Try these TESTS to better understand who you really are! They are sometimes challenging. You may choose to share your insights.

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The GENERAL BLOG provides an indepth written discussion on a range of topics. The energy is conveyed in the words! These expanded articles are perfect for those who want to dig deeply into the details. Pick a subject that attracts you or start from the earliest blog post and benefit from them all.

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The VISUAL BLOG provides uplifting images with inspiring text for your quiet contemplation. Try one per day! Aim to realize the deep meaning in the message. This might take a moment or require more time. Your subconscious mind will work on uncovering additional meaning during your day.

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The CHALLENGES COURSE Blog is our simple personal development course. This will support your inner growth and help you reach the next level of Awareness & Consciousness. Learn to be more kind. Tap into your intuition and Inner Knowing. Learn how to handle difficult emotions with ease.

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The free UltimateTest.org book has the evocative title of 'SOS - Stopping Our Suffering'. The SOS signifies a life crisis or chronic dissatisfaction with our life. What can we do? This book offers you a way out and provides the strategies you require. Take a look at the chapters already released.


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