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UltimateTest.org is for those who want to expand their Awareness & develop a higher Consciousness. We are non-aligned & fully independent. The content style is spiritual but non-religious. We are driven by giving, not by profit.

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Each THEME on UltimateTest.org helps you explore important inner concepts & invites questioning.


Enjoy beautiful images & videos as you contemplate. The THEME pages gently guide you through the process of self discovery & realisation.

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The PRESENTATIONS on UltimateTest.org are another style of learning that you might enjoy. These include creative stories and talks or lectures on a wide range of topics.

Presentations generally require more time but can be easily broken up into smaller bites. Y
ou can always come back to the point where you left off. Give it a try!


The ANIMATED VIDEOS on UltimateTest.org are a fun & easy way to raise your Consciousness. Sit back, relax and become inspired by the powerful words, beautiful cartoons and uplifting music. Let this energy, colour & movement help you absorb each powerful message. Videos usually include both male & female narration. Listen and tune in to the energies of both for maximal effect!

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Watch these specialists share their expertise on Consciousness and personal development.

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The CONTEMPLATIONS section of UltimateTest.org is the website's quiet 'Contemplation Corner'. This invites you to practise both your Contemplation and Meditation skills.

You are encouraged to pause here daily at any quiet time you have to practice these essential skills. You could even use a mobile phone to access these images!



There are various challenges, tests & assessments available on UltimateTest.org. These help you to personally judge your level of Consciousness, strengths and weaknesses. You can even chart your progress.


Try this to better understand who you really are! The tests are sometimes challenging. You may also choose to share your insights.

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The MAIN BLOG provides a more indepth written discussion on specific topics. The energy is conveyed in the words! These expanded articles are perfect for really digging deeply into the details. The blog posts can even be browsed by tags or categories. Pick a subject that attracts you or start from the earliest Blog post and benefit from them all.

The VISUAL BLOG provides images with text for daily meditation and quiet contemplation. Try to realize the deep meaning in the message. This might take just a moment or require some additional time. Your subconscious mind will also work on uncovering additional meaning during your day.

The free UltimateTest.org book has the powerful and evocative title of "SOS - Stopping Our Suffering". The SOS indicates an emergency life situation. The second part of the title hints that our personal suffering might be that distress call.


This book is only available free to the UltimateTest.org community. Readers are requested to sign up using the form below for notification of new installments. Take a look at what already has been released.

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January 30, 2020

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