SOS BOOK - Chapter 1.14 Stuck in temporary solutions?

SOCIETY CONDONES THE STATUS QUO of not changing our self, by encouraging temporary solutions! We have previously discussed the usual ‘SOCIAL ADDICTIONS’ commonly used for temporary relief, such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

If we really want to protest our discontent, we might also experiment with additional ‘HARD DRUGS’. We try these to numb our deep despair in this way - to try to artificially break through to who we really are. We seek to distract from or bypass our inner suffering.

The cost is our addiction to these temporary measures, which also become less effective with each use. We need increasingly more of these for the same effect.

Perhaps we somehow hope our destructive behavior might signal others of our deep pain and loss of hope. We’re desperate for any relief, but don’t know how to do this appropriately.

We don't know how to address the underlying cause!

We even use ADDICTIVE PERSONAL BEHAVIOURS! A wide range of internal behavior patterns can produce a temporary high. These subtler addictive patterns include: overeating, spending sprees, gambling, sexual promiscuity or other risky behavior. The resultant chemical peaks or “highs” help get us through the low grade ‘misery’ of our lives. But only for a while, because the effect is short-lived.

If we really want to signal our deep despair, we sometimes experiment with less acceptable SELF-ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR, including various forms of self-harm or self-mutilation.

Constantly compensating in all these ways, just to cope with chronic dissatisfaction, just wastes our valuable resources. It reduces our optimal functioning. We sacrifice our true happiness and potential. Unfortunately, to varying degrees, that’s how most of us live.

But there is an alternative strategy! This principle is life lesson No. 47. WE CAN CHANGE OURSELVES!

We can start afresh from this very point in time and make a real change. But where do we turn for information, for guidance? Some find there is just too much information. An information overload! It all can seem overwhelming and confusing. Never has there been so much literature and so many programs & options to choose from. Conversely, never has there been so much confusion, distrust and cynicism.

Life lesson (No. 48) is:


Confusion can occur because of insufficient or too much information. This is worsened by of our general distrust and cynicism. We don’t trust our own discernment! Where should we start? Who should we trust? Will this really help? These are important issues which we discuss in this ‘SOS book’. Its’ intended as a comprehensive overview & guide. Hence the title: Stopping Our Suffering.

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