SOS BOOK - Chapter 2.3 Our herd mentality

We have been socially conditioned and ‘herded’ to respond to controversial ideas in a certain way. NEW & INDEPENDENT IDEAS ARE VIEWED WITH SUSPICION! Instead we been taught to accept strategies produced by government committees & scientific organizations.

Anyone advocating an alternative and non-conventional solution is readily branded a misfit or a radical. In the political sphere, they are automatically considered a revolutionary or a terrorist.

We have been taught to be fearful or to simply ignore those views on the extremes. If such innovators persist, we are encouraged to make fun of them, to criticize & reject them. IT’S SUPPOSEDLY FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE COMMUNITY to maintain the harmony and normality of ‘the herd’. What a clever ruse! What a subtle yet powerful way to stop dissent, prevent change and maintain control.


We have been subconsciously conditioned to believe new ideas will disrupt the harmony of the community and risk fragmentation or disorder. Therefore, supposedly for stability and the preservation of our society we have laws & regulations. WE HAVE INSTITUTIONALIZED A WIDE RANGE OF CONTAINMENT OR CONTROL STRATEGIES. These are instituted by our leaders, to help us manage the chaos & despair emanating from our world. The focus however is on managing the emotional outpouring rather than solving the underlying problem! Let’s consider some of these now…

One control strategy widely used to ‘shield members’ is to censor or selectively filter distressing news. We don’t for example regularly show pictures of murdered or mutilated people on our news broadcasts. We restrict pictures of starving or abused children to a minimum as these might be too distressing. Similarly, but more subtly WE ALSO SUPPRESS SOLUTIONS OR VIEWS THAT MIGHT NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.

The Media or Internet corporations usually takes on this task of censorship or information filtering. Some of this control & editing is determined by the editorial boards or management. Just as they don’t allow certain graphic images or stories to impinge public sensibility, media owners decide which line of investigative journalism is appropriate. MEDIA MANAGEMENT DECIDES WHICH BIAS OR STORY ‘ANGLE’ TO USE. They can drop or modify investigations that might offend the advertisers or backers that fund them. They choose the view-point or leaning that best suits their agenda, political persuasion or their owners.

The viewer or reader now must be aware of the hidden bias of their news source.

This control strategy has now been modified to include the new Internet based social media corporations and search engines. COMPUTER ALGORITHMS NOW DECIDE WHAT READILY COMES UP ON OUR INTERNET SEARCH AND SOCIAL NEWSFEEDS. Who then decides what the preference will be and what will be shadow banned, de-monetized or delisted?

We have also been socially conditioned to treat global news & events somewhat differently. First, our parents limited our exposure to this while we’re ‘too young to understand’. Often parents try to ‘explain away’ or soften the horrors presented on the daily news. Media managers and our school teachers did their part in filtering & sanitizing our daily dose of ‘this reality’ to a more tolerable level. They all helped attenuate, rationalize & normalize this censorship to make this more acceptable for general consumption. They try to explain away or ‘spin’ the harsh reality of our world situation.

From childhood we are slowly acclimatized and thus respond differently to this ‘bad news’, especially if it comes from a different society we don’t agree with.


Instead we are encouraged to show more support to our own society, where the need is harder to deny. We are told ‘charity begins at home’. This strategy aims to strengthen the cohesion of our own society. Survival of our Nation-state and our Community is the unwritten priority. We believe that without that there would be no framework for our lives, no reference base, no constancy – no security. At least that’s what we’re led to believe. That’s is how we have been influenced or ‘herded’ by our upbringing.

We are also heavily influenced by the social opinions of social role models including our favorite movie stars & music celebrities. We generally conform, or at least appear to do so, as a loyal group member should!


We generally conform and follow the lead of those in positions of power or leadership. Perhaps this social conditioning might be a prerequisite for survival in a primitive society. But in today’s modern age this is purely an imposed control system!


That primitive survival level 'herd mentality' has been maintained for a very long time. Only recently have there been signs of improvement. Part of this breakthrough has come through more people using the global Internet system to find ways to overcome censorship. We now have a wider range of news and information. The previously high levels of censorship and control can be partially overcome by choosing more independent news sources and citizen journalists. Consumers are now more able to select the information, style & perspective they want without being so limited & controlled.

The information revolution with ease of Internet connection and particularly mobile access has also provided a great leveling effect. Access to high quality information at little cost is now available to most communities, even too many previously remote villages.

Cheaper and ready access to world-wide travel is another reason the barriers between nations and cultures have broken down. Connection between different communities is increasing and a worldwide camaraderie & community is starting to occur. A GLOBAL AWAKENING IS OCCURING WHICH PARALLELS OUR INDIVIDUAL & PERSONAL AWAKENING.

The Consciousness of the human collective is now rising! This is the way we can break through our conditioned or ‘herd’ mentality. But it is up to each of us to raise our level of consciousness. We now know more reasons why this is important. How to actually do this in practice is the main subject of this SOS book.

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