SOS BOOK - Chapter 1.16 It's time to start!

HOW MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE TIME DO WE HAVE? How much health & vitality do we really have left to do the things that mean the most to us. How much time do we have to find our inner purpose, fulfillment & true joy.

THE PRACTICAL REALITY of life is that we need time to sleep, eat and take care of ourselves - to earn a living and generally manage our lives. So, how much uncommitted time do we really have left?

If we delay changing, we also waste energy resisting our inner-needs. The longer we suppress these powerful needs, the more we waste our valuable time, energy and resources. We can squander our precious vitality and resist our inner drive… That’s a certain recipe for disaster.

WHY SHOULD WE WAIT FOR A CRISIS, even a smaller one? Why should we wait until we can’t function as well? Why must we wait for a disorder, a disability or a disease? We cannot guarantee we will still have enough time or vitality to fulfill our human potential.

This is the next life lesson (No. 51):


We should CHANGE NOW! We could use the extra time to change more gradually. We could use ‘BABY STEPS’ to change, rather than just attempting one horrendous leap. This might be the preferred option.

THE WAY WE CHANGE ourselves is by developing A NEW WAY OF FUNCTIONING… a ‘new me’.

This means developing a new way of thinking. A NEW WAY OF VIEWING OR PERCEIVING THINGS! This naturally leads to a new way of responding and behaving.

We don’t necessarily need to give up all the resources of the old self, nor even our basic life structure. WE JUST MODIFY OUR INTERACTION. It is not necessary to give up a regular job or material security and live in poverty. We could use these resources wisely to give ourselves and others the greatest benefit.

This takes us to the next step and life lesson (No. 52):


Since the most important change is within, some re-education is required to start the process. Initially this might entail reading books like this one, attending lectures or short courses and practicing certain techniques or exercises, as outlined in this book. Keeping a diary of our personal progress can be very useful.

Perhaps later we might try a longer study program or even a retreat. Of course, we should always seek expert help & guidance along the way.

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