SOS BOOK - Chapter 1.15 Don't give it all away

LET’S START WITH A WARNING… Some people have an initial Realization then rush off and make dramatic or even drastic changes to their lives. There are stories of people who, after a life-crisis, completely change their job, their lifestyle and even their relationships.

They make a complete ‘sea change’: For example, a merchant banker or top executive who now seems content to run a small hobby farm or simply to meditate in nature. Some move to a commune or adopt some ‘alternative lifestyle’. They make a complete physical break from their past lives! A few even shut themselves away completely to live a hermit-like existence.

Such radical change may indeed be better than continuing with old patterns and habits, BUT RADICAL CHANGE COMES WITH ITS OWN PROBLEMS. The initial difficulty is in its sustainability. Further inner growth & spiritual progress is not guaranteed just by making external changes.

This leads to the next life lesson (No. 49):


Changing our inner self doesn’t always require a drastic change in our surroundings. We might not need to go anywhere special, or even change our friends or our job. The radical ‘sea change’ method is certainly one way to start, but it’s not necessarily the best way for everyone.

INNER CHANGE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EXTERNAL CHANGE. Plus following through with these inner changes is very important.

Rather than a dramatic life upheaval scenario that some individuals undertake, there are other MORE GRADUAL OR MODERATE WAYS. One analogy would be releasing small controlled amounts of water via a tap, rather than opening the flood-gates of the dam!

Slow and controlled action generally better helps us FINE-TUNE OUR LIFE by allowing more subtle feedback over time.

As the slow changes continue to build, significant change can still occur without huge disruption. Perhaps a more sustainable long-term outcome will result.

CHANGING OURSELVES in whatever manner we choose, GIVES US THE MEANS TO ESCAPE from our current unsatisfactory existence.

THE FINAL GOAL is to savor ‘every drop’ of our precious existence - to optimize our quality of life and to fully appreciate it. Then to manifest & co-create its rewards.

This is an important principle and life lesson (No. 50):


THE SPIRITUAL AIM of inwardly changing our self is to maximize our experience & potential. We aim to utilize all our talents and increase the appreciation of all that exists around us. We optimize our potential in service, for the benefit of all others. We practice deep gratitude and aim to better appreciate the rewards of our life-experience.

No longer should we hold back our inner-drives & abilities, nor waste our precious vitality…

We should discover all our unique talents and utilize our resources. To realize them for the benefit of all Humanity. A desert island or mountain top may or may not be the best location for achieving this. We should consider all options.

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