SOS BOOK - Chapter 1.10 Crises are good because they give us permission

A crisis in our lives may be a good thing, even ‘a blessing’.

This is the next life lesson (No.36):


Crises give us an invitation to stop our usual ways. It’s also an incentive to make a significant change. A crisis gives us A CHANCE TO REDIRECT OUR LIFE.

At times of crisis, there is an opportunity to RECONNECT WITH OUR INNER NEEDS. To productively channel them outwards instead of just holding them back. We can finally unleash that deep desire to express our inner-most self. These powerful inner forces & energies could finally GO IN A NEW DIRECTION. One truly of our own choosing! We could utilise our individuality and our unique life experience to help guide us to these new goals. A NEW, PURPOSEFUL & FULFILLING LIFE could result!

To start this process, we first need to consciously commit to this decision to change our life. Then to follow through in the correct way. THIS BOOK WILL EXPLAIN HOW to do this and help this process.

IN SUMMARY, we have discussed how a crisis can be a wake-up call, or a timely reminder of the need for change. It also gives us an opportunity and an inducement to change. Often it gives us the time & incentive to deeply contemplate our situation. A crisis can gently pressure us or even force this change on us.

A crisis also FLAGS OUR DISTRESS to others and SIGNALS OUR SPECIAL NEED for help & understanding. It signals our distress and calls in a support structure to help us change. This support may include mobilization of health resources or community agencies. Plus, social resources including family and friends. Crises can thus provide a support network of resources and people around us who care. It also better demonstrates who really does care about us: who our closest friends really are. We can realise this very powerfully. TRUE FRIENDS ENCOURAGE US to stop & reflect and help us adjust at this critical time.

This is life lesson No. 37:


Our usual lives can be so rigid and constrained. It’s almost like we’re held in a prison. With ourselves as the prison guards! To give ourselves that authorisation and enough incentive to change, WE SOMETIMES NEED A LIFE CRISIS. Occasionally we may even need a disaster! Otherwise we can remain trapped by habit and shackled by our fear of change.

A crisis gives us that external ‘authorisation’ we feel we need to stop & review the situation. It also validates that inner call or knowing we have been suppressing. Afterwards we are more likely to tune in to our own inner self-guidance system again.

Crises certainly make us “wake up” and take notice! Crises force us to stop or at least pause for some time. A crisis is A RECOGNIZED TIME OF ADJUSTMENT. It’s socially accepted as a time of special need. It signals the need for personal understanding and community support. Crises invite us to reflect on what has transpired and to consider what the future may now hold. Crises thus allow us a unique chance, a special opportunity for serious decision making. If heeded and utilized, this becomes a wondrous opening. An opportunity for real change in our lives.

A crisis does provide a unique window of opportunity for serious reflection and redirection. But first we need to deeply realise this! IF UNHEEDED IT FOREBODES A FURTHER DECLINE. One crisis can trigger more disorder & further decline in a progressive downwards spiral.

A crisis could also increase our anxiety, anger, frustration & despair. It could lead to an anxiety state or to depression. We can even become more aggressive, destructive and further damage ourselves. IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE THIS TIME WISELY or risk further aggravating or compounding the situation. If we don't, an even greater disaster & catastrophe can await.

The decision is ours! At some point in a crisis or preferably well beforehand WE ALL HAVE SUCH IMPORTANT LIFE DECISIONS TO MAKE. This applies to every one of us.

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