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(Challenge 2 - Page 31) Nature, meditation, creativity and even crying can be healthy

CONGRATULATIONS: Now, you know the basics of healthy, effective emotional processing! This is such an important life skill, that unfortunately most people don’t have. ADDITIONAL TECHNIQUES: In Challenge 2 we have discussed efficient ways to process and release our emotions. Below are some additional techniques which can potentially COMPLEMENT what you have already learned. NATURE: Spending time in nature can support emotional processing. It might be on the beach, a mountain, in a forest, or being with plants & animals. MEDITATION: Meditation quietens the drama, story and thoughts that create our suffering. Meditation helps us focus on the pure emotion & clear it. CREATIVITY: Some people absorb themselves in creative activities such as music, art or dance! Creativity is a healthy support to emotional processing. It works like meditation and strengthens our inner connection. CRYING: Some people find the emotion ‘all pours out’ when they shed a tear or two. Occasional crying can provide a healthy cathartic release. EXPERIMENT: See what technique works best for you. Any emotional clearing strategy, however crude, is better than none! Try experimenting with a combination of good emotional processing methods. Your body, mind and friends will thank you for it!

Nature, meditation, creativity and even crying can SUPPORT healthy EMOTIONAL HYGIENE


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