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(Challenge 2 - Page 15) Successfully processed emotions won’t resurface or cause damage

PRACTISE RELEASING AN EMOTION: Practise just sitting with a ‘pure emotion’. Experience that feeling alone and not the attached story. Don’t fear or judge. Remain calm and just observe the feeling. ALLOW IT TO PASS...

ALLOW THE RELEASE: Lovingly, give the emotion permission to go! Invite it to clear fully. Don’t repress it again! This occurs automatically when you ‘sit with’ the PURE feeling in an unattached way. Becoming fearful orcaught up in the story hinders the release.

IT CAN BE QUICK: Mild emotions can usually be experienced and released in just a few moments. Most of the energy or ‘sting’ behind the emotion is released quickly. It might take longer for it ALL to pass. Be patient and kind to yourself! It’s worth the effort!

DON’T JUDGE: Release attachment to the mental story built up around the pure emotion! Let go of any judgement! This ALLOWS the feeling to leave.

SUCCESS: You will know you’re successful because of a sense of release. A pressure and heaviness will lift.Plus, the issue won’t keep coming back into your awareness for more processing! You have now covered the first steps in processing & releasing your emotions! Well done.

Successfully processed emotions won’t resurface or cause damage


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