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(Challenge 2 - Page 11) Buried emotions will RESURFACE! RELEASE them by FEELING them.

REVISION: Let’s revise what we have learned so far...

DON’T AVOID EMOTIONS: Emotional hygiene is an essential part of being happy & healthy. Denying, avoiding or suppressing our emotions doesn’t work long term. They will build up, resurface or cause internal damage!

START EASY: As a beginner, start processing emotions of a minor nature. Start with emotions that you can handle easily: Ones with little emotional charge. Always seek expert or professional help if needed.

CATEGORISE AND RATE: A useful first step is to label & categorise emotions as GOOD or BAD, and RATE their STRENGTH. You only need to feel the emotion briefly to do this. Try to be an impartial observer!

DON’T GET STUCK IN ‘THE STORY’: Experience ONLY the PURE FEELING of the emotion. DO NOT DWELL on the associated people, situation or storyline. You risk lowering your vibration and becoming fearful. That drama is counter-productive and just delays the release!

RELEASE THE FEELING: Just feel and observe the emotion in a calm, positive, kind & unattached way. That allows it to release! Just sit with it. Allow yourself to let it all go! Repeat this if there is any return.

Buried emotions will RESURFACE! RELEASE them by FEELING them.


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