SOS BOOK - Introduction: Stopping our suffering


How to start afresh after a life crisis or preferably prevent one!

In a life crisis or just “fed up” with what’s happening?

… Start reading this book!

Are you searching for meaning and purpose?

… Try this book!


This book is intended as an aid to personal inner self development and awakening. It is not a substitute for the advice and guidance of trained health professionals including medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and trained counsellors. This book contains the specific beliefs and opinions of the author and is not in itself intended as a diagnostic tool or treatment program.

SHORT REVIEWS of the SOS book:

The SOS emergency signal is a recognized signal of distress. Do we recognize the signal of distress and despair in our own lives? The SOS book helps us find the Knowing required to resolve the problem of suffering in our life.

The SOS book explains what we urgently need to do in our lives and for our world to help ease our distress and suffering.

SOS … is the international distress signal. The SOS book is a non-religious guide to personal transformation in difficult times.

The SOS book explains how we can stop the subconscious self-sabotage that underlies much of the suffering in our lives.

Our lives and our world are sending out an SOS. The SOS book helps us face this issue.

The SOS book should come with a warning… This book can change your life and it’s a real danger to your Ego.

The SOS book is about overcoming dissatisfaction, despair and dysfunction in our lives.

We crave inner peace and fulfillment! The SOS book is for those who are almost ready for a change.

The SOS book is an emergency guide to overcoming chronic dissatisfaction in our lives.

We beam out an SOS signal from our lives. This SOS is our overt and hidden suffering! The SOS book helps us understand how we can stop our suffering and heal ourselves.


We humbly thank you, the reader, for reading this e-book, and determining how it can benefit you in your personal life quest. We are pleased you are pursuing this supreme endeavor, despite the numerous distractions in life. May this book help you a little further along your path towards inner peace, deep fulfillment and full realization.


Deep inside ourselves we have a yearning. We have an inner need to live a significantly different life. In denying this need or suppressing it, we unknowingly sabotage ourselves. Not only do we sacrifice our true potential and our fulfillment, but we significantly damage our wellbeing in the process.

We try to do what we consider best for ourselves, our families and our society. However, the model for doing this is not solely of our own choosing. A ‘rogue’ system of values has instead been instilled into us unknowingly, through our social conditioning, during our formative years. Thus, we live by somebody else’s agenda and someone else’s idea of what the ideal life should be. These might not be our own true values! We are even encouraged to suppress or ignore our own personal deep inner needs for the supposed best interests of others or our society.

Our subconscious Ego-mind becomes an accomplice to this deep childhood conditioning. It even uses cunning strategies or tricks to keep our inner needs suppressed.

The antidotes to this, and the special information we require to break free, are outlined in this book. We can start afresh, starting with this new understanding of how our mind really works. We can discover what we really need from deep within. We can even harness in a positive way, the realization of what has previously happened to us.

We all know disease can cause suffering, but more controversially, the author postulates that the usual frustrations of everyday life can contribute to our disorders. This would be more likely to occur if we continue our suffering by not living the truly fulfilling life that we are meant to live.

This book explains in simple terms, how subconscious processes affect us all, without our knowing. The author explains how we can break free from our current habitual and destructive behavior. These entrenched patterns limit us and are potentially illness-producing. The alternative to changing these is to spend a lifetime slowly sabotaging our potential for true fulfillment and inner peace.

Thus, we have a choice to make! A new path, as outlined in this book, or the continued slow suicide of our well-being and our true potential.


A faint cry for help!


There is a faint cry for help,

from deep within Ourselves

and from within Humanity


The SOS signal is an internationally accepted distress call – a cry for help.

NOW, our troubled lives are the ones calling out in dire need of help.


There is so much suffering in our lives and we seem powerless to help.

OUR TRUE NATURE is trapped and imprisoned deep within.

From DEEP INSIDE ourselves we long to break free, to escape. We want to run free and just be our true Selves.


We YEARN FOR the information and the Knowing that can set us free.

True AUTONOMY and FREEDOM is what we desire to express from deep within ourselves… To do what we are really meant to do.

To be what we are truly meant to be!


The SOS Book is continued in the next blog post:

#2 Prologue: Let's Start Afresh

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